The Orville Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Identity Part II

Part 2 of “Identity” included the hallmarks that make The Orville a fun show, but it was a disappointing conclusion that offered what one would expect. If I were to have guessed what might have occurred in this episode given what normally happens in spaceship sci-fi shows in a similar situation, I would have been very close. Thus, the subtitle of this review: “Action-packed space battles edge out ingenuity in The Orville Season 2’s second “Identity” installment.”

The first episode left us with an alien race of robots that had taken over the Orville and its crew headed to Earth to kill all sentient life. Nothing new for this sort of show. However, this show and its creator Seth MacFarlane are known for being innovative. I was skeptical that it was headed in a novel direction but hopeful. My original feeling was shown to be correct, and the ending did not offer anything unexpected.

Although I am critical that there wasn’t anything new added here in the story, it was enjoyable. I am finding TV shows reviews can be a funny thing. On the one hand, the show may be very enjoyable, on the other, it is my job to nitpick. It feels strange, and fans of the show seem always to think critics are making too big of a deal out of little things.

Read my review for yourselves at Den of Geek, here: The Orville Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Identity Part II

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