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On my latest Open Minds UFO Radio podcast, Martin Willis and I discuss the latest news. We cover information about Project Blue Book, the show and the Air Force investigation, and new files released from the Department of Defense regarding the Pentagon’s secret UFO study, the Advance Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

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1 thought on “UFO News on Open Minds UFO Radio

  1. Hello, I’m a fairly new listener and may have stumbled over something that you may find interesting. Along with your podcast I’ve taken to listening to others. I’m new to this whole podcast thingy, so please bear with me. One of the podcast I just listened to is Somewhere in the skies by R Sprague. I heard him mention you on this episode as being one of the trust able voices , so I guess he knows a little something. I’ve also heard you mention him, so I’m sure your aware of his podcast. Anyway on his latest offering he is interviewing Deep Prassad about Quantum computing and other things. One of the other things was the Adam meta-materials research being conducted via TTSA. He went on to describe the reactions of one of these materials and how all this was told to him by (pay attention from here on) Dr. Travis S Taylor who is working for TTSA. Now that is interesting but what piqued my curiosity is that Dr. Taylor is also a science fiction author who in the early 2000s wrote some science fiction books . In at least one of these books he had an item that was given to humans by another race that had reactions, admitted much more strongly than the what he reported about the meta material, but along the same lines of reaction to external provocation. The book was released in 2005, he was a physicist working for NASA at this time. In 2019 his name is dropped in a meta materials discussion on a podcast and I find out he is working with TTSA on the ADAM project.
    Dr. Taylor is a most fascinating man . You really need to take a look at his Wiki page and read a little bit about him on some other places. With his education and back ground if you were going to be dealing with possibly hostile aliens he is on a short list of people you would want to consult with.
    I think that he would make a very fascinating interview for your shows. I think he is lurking deep enough in the shadows that no one else is aware of him yet and when he is questioned everyone will want to listen to him. He is one of the ones who knows stuff that we wonder about but probably really don’t need to know. Anyways keep up the good work and keep separating the good from the bad. Thanks for reading. Calvin

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