Spending the Night in a Haunted Cemetery

Years ago, while writing for a website called The Examiner – I was the Denver Paranormal Examiner – I wrote a post about going on a ghost hunt in the wilds of Colorado. My cousin was attending Metro State College in Denver at the time, and he organized an expedition to the Silver Cliff Cemetery. He was able to get us permission to camp in the cemetery. Over the years there have been reports of ghostly orbs of light in the area.

Silver Cliff Cemetery (Image credit: Plazak/Wikimedia Commons)

Although he has since graduated, Jason continues to help the paranormal organization he helped found, the Metro State College Cryptoscience Society. Metro State College has now change its name to Metropolitan State University of Denver. They recently setup a new website, and since The Examiner is no longer, I posted the article on their new site.

So, if you are interested in the results of our cemetery investigation, read it here: Haunted Colorado: Silver Cliff Cemetery’s legend of the “Ghost Lights” investigated.

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