Project Blue Book Episode 8 Review: War Games

UFOs attack soldiers and a secret project to communicate with aliens is revealed in the latest episode of History’s Project Blue Book.

When UFOs attack soldiers, Hynek and Quinn are sent in to figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, Quinn’s superiors are so baffled they call in the help of a guy trained to communicate with aliens. Just as it seems UFOs are mostly secret experiments mistaken for something from space, the show throws in more alien intrigue.

Cases of military personnel being attacked and the idea that the government trained people to communicate with aliens seem far fetched. However, both are based on alleged occurrences, or documented government programs. Although the government has never trained anyone to talk to aliens, they did train people to develop psychic abilities. Many of those trained went on to try to find information about aliens using these psychic skills. It sounds wild, but it is true!

Read more about these cases and how they fit into the show on my full review at Den of Geekhere: Project Blue Book Episode 8 Review: War Games.

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