Project Blue Book Episode 8 Review: War Games

History’s Project Blue Book gets dark and cynical in this episode. However, some of the darkest stuff is backed up by real-life events, just not UFO ones.

From the beginning, it was obvious that the show would not follow the real event too closely. The show has become what a sci-fi author would have devised from their imagination if they were to make up a story about a secret government UFO investigation. It is an alternate reality than our own.

This is not necessarily all bad. The X-Files was an exciting series with crumbs of real situations sprinkled throughout. Project Blue Book is also exciting, and there is much more based in reality in this show than the X-Files. UFO buffs argue that the show is based on real-life events, so it is not forgivable that it has gone so astray. However, the show claims it is only “inspired” by real events.

In my review on this episode, I tackle what is real and what is not in the show. In hindsight, this might be my least favorite episode, mainly because I am not really into really dark stuff. But it has interesting elements, and I am still overall enjoying it.

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