Apollo: Missions to the Moon Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

National Geographic’s Apollo: Missions to the Moon invokes what it was like to be alive when humankind sent humans to the moon.

National Geographic is honoring the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with a new documentary, Apollo: Missions to the Moon. There is no narration. The entire documentary consists of archival footage. Those old enough to have watched the Apollo coverage as it happened may remember some of the footage. However, the film also includes “never-before-heard audio recordings.”

Award-winning filmmaker Tom Jennings directs the documentary. 

“I would hope that audiences when they watch it – when it finishes – they kind of pause for a moment and say,’ Wow! So that’s what it was like,’” Jennings told Den of Geek. “That’s my hope is that they can experience it as close to what it was like to be around during that time.”

The beginning of the film elicits the excitement of the time for the Apollo mission. In press conferences, astronauts invoked the wonder of what it might be like to step on the Moon and the scientific benefits of the mission. However, their wives conveyed fear for their husbands’ safety. After all, they were about to be strapped into the cone of a rocket and sent further than anyone had ever gone. Much further.

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